Grown up goth or how I became a vintage woman.

Louise Brooks.png

Growing up I did not think I was born in the wrong decade I loved what was going on around me especially the music, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Jesus and Mary Chain and the Rose of Avalanche. Anyone looking at me would have said I was a goth, my wardrobe was nearly all black with just a hint of purple. But looking back all the signs were there, I just didn't know what it was called. I used to go around Uni in my Dad's old dinner jacket, little did I know that Marlene Dietrich had done it better in the 30's. I loved my straight bob and red lips who knew Louise Brooks had that looked nailed in the 20's. But it was my Mum who has sowed the seeds of the future me. She had named me after Katherine Hepburn and I have fond memories of dancing with her in our front room to Elvis as a kid.

Fast forward to 2011 and The Artist, an enjoyable film, but what I loved more was the look, glamour of the highest order. I had always loved Art Deco and the 20's flapper look, but for me it wasn't a day to day look, more a New Years Eve Party look. So on a dull January day I found myself watching a Kathrine Hepburn film The Philadelphia Story. In it she portrayed an independant, fast talking smart woman with a stubborn streak. She wasn't just beautiful she had real style. I was impressed, a woman in 1940 with an independent spirit, a quick wit and who got what she wanted.

Lots of vintage films followed some good, some dated badly. Another highlight was Bette Davis in All About Eve, no wonder it won an Oscar for best picture. But it was when I watched Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not I knew I had found my style icon. She had such great poise and looked fabulous in her tight fitting suits and dresses. Here was a look I could embrace every day, pencil skirts that changed the way I walked and elegant dresses that made me feel like a leading lady. The strange thing was, the clothes made me feel more confident, and that I'd finally grown into the woman I was meant to be.

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